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A very warm welcome from Alpha Zeta Chapter!  Mary1.jpgMary Moran

Meeting Agenda

Chapter Meetings

2nd Monday at 7pm
September, October, November, December
February, March, April, June

Elections - March
Induction - May (virtual every month)
Board of Directors - January, July

In the Meetings folder in the AZ Library Resources
Funding for Research Proposals or Projects
Active members of Alpha Zeta
are eligible for grant awards of up to $2,500.
Specific criteria applies for each type of proposal.


Leadership Internship Program

Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Alpha Zeta is working towards
the Chapter Key Award  2021-2023

Member Orientation Card

Sigma New Member Page

Member Orientation ppt

Recent Alpha Zeta Research and Project Proposal Funding


Ronica Mukerjee

 All of This Safety Is Killing Us: Healthcare Justice Outside of the
 Carceral System



Christine DeForge

 Evaluating Symptom Burden Among Bereaved ICU Surrogate
 Decision Makers



Laura Carmanica

 Validity and Reliability of an Instrument: Nurse Manager
 Leadership Competencies to support EBP



Brenda Marshall

 Mental Health First Aid during BSN Psychiatric Nurse Rotation



Katherine South

 Exploring Healthcare Transition from the Perspective of
 Adolescents and Young Adults with Cystic Fibrosis



Kelseanne Breder

 Online social support among LGBT older adults:
 A Qualitative Inquiry



Allison Norful

 An Exploration of Shared Decision Making and Provider
 Co-management among Real-World Primary Care Visits
 for Chronic Conditions



Laura Britton

 Understanding the Reproductive Health Information Needs and
 Communication Preferences of Women with Type 2 Diabetes



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Welcome to our newest Alpha Zeta Inductees!


   Francisco Diaz, DNP RN NP-BC CDCES
   Nurse Practitioner, Morningside Hospital
   Columbia University School of Nursing '05

   “Gerontolize It!  Knowledge, application, and
    dissemination of geriatric principles are the key
    to nursing practice.”



Isobel Abbot
Samantha Allman
Emily Ankiel
Charlie Aoun
Kayla Barry
Chelsea Burrell
Alden Bush
Victoria Cecilio
Jamie Chen
Jessica Cheng
Christina Congdon
Kelsey Conrad
Ashley David
Krystal Dawkins
Taylor Dehring
Bryn Leigh Dragalin
Sarah Ducharme
Margaret Duggan
Nadeen I Eliyan
Sarah  Estrada
Lilias Evans
Shayna Feuer
Ivana Maria Forero
Giovanna Franklin
Preston Gabay
Alexandra Galdi
Jacqueline Gallagher
Aaron Garcia
Alicia Genna
Kelly Gibney  

Rachel Glasser
Sarah Gleason
Abigail Herman
Mariel Hernandez
Isadora Kagan
Caliope Kaiser
Ilene Kassman
Tia Kellman
Caroline Kenney
Ri Yeon Kim
Tristen Minwoo Kim
Ellen Krotow
Katherine Kuptz
Caitlyn La Tronica
Priscilla Legagneur
Alison Legg
Marc Leibowitz
Rachel Leighton
Francesca Leo
Hodaya Lightstone
Madison Lord
Nina Lurie
Nicolette Malave
Kathleen McAuliffe
Anna Mellman
Madeline Molot
Jarrett Murphy
Margaret Murphy
Amanda Nossen
Eryn Olson    

Danielle O'Neill
Yenni Ortega Miranda
Ehimwenma Osagie
Christopher Otto
Emma Paine
Timothy M Parker
Elisabeth Paul
Josephine Pimentel
Brenden Pollock
Mollie Rich
Jade Robinson
Sofia Rosenberg-Klainberg
Shoshana Rosenthal
Megan Ross
Paola L Sanchez
Danielle Scharp
Hannah Schrader
Katie Seong
Kelley Slayden
Natalie Jane Singer
Jenna Wallace
Edward Wasloski
Maya A Wolf
Danielle Wright
Adrian Yau
Tessa Yoo
Emily M Zhao
Nikki Ziebelman
Noelle Zinn


Upcoming Events

  • Monday, November 14 at 7pm

    Nurse Scientists Maureen George and Ruth Ceber Masterson.