Leadership Development

Alpha Zeta Leadership Intern Program

Considering a Leadership Office?

Elections are held in March for positions on the Board of Directors and the Governance and Leadership Succession Standing Committees.

Terms of office are two years from July to June. To maintain experience on the Board, election years are alternated:
     ♦   In odd-numbered years the positions of President, Secretary, Counselor, Governance Committee (1 position), Leadership Succession Committee (2 positions) are elected.
     ♦   In even-numbered years the positions of Vice President, Treasurer, Governance Committee (2 positions), Leadership Succession Committee (1 position) are elected.
The Counselor must be a faculty member at the school of nursing. The chairperson of the standing committees is appointed by the President for the term of office. Other positions, such as Convention Delegates and Membership Ambassador, are appointed by the President for a one year term of office.

Call for Nomi
nations is issued every January and the Leadership Succession Committee presents the ballot at the February meeting.
Installation of Officers occurs at the General Membership meeting in September.  

Officer Responsibilities     
from the bylaws:

The specific duties of the chapter officers shall be as follows: 

  1. The president shall be the executive officer and shall administer all business of the chapter as provided for by the bylaws. The president serves as chief representative of the chapter in inter-chapter activities and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except Leadership Succession Committee.
  2. The vice president shall perform the duties of the president in the president's absence. The vice president, or designee, shall oversee the planning of at least two (2) chapter programs/events annually. 
  3. The secretary shall prepare and distribute meeting minutes and correspondence.
  4. The treasurer shall be the custodian of the funds of this chapter and may be bonded in an amount equal to three-fourths of the worth of the chapter. The treasurer shall propose a budget to the board.
  5. A counselor shall be a member of the faculty at an institution of higher education where the chapter is located, with the exception of counselors within Alumni chapters or practice settings who oversee Nurse Leader inductions and who are not required to be faculty.
Training videos on the Sigma website are a great resource for learning more about an elected officer's responsibilities to the chapter and members.